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We have several styles and colors of table linens on hand for rental. If you want your event to be extra extraordinary,  we also make custom-made table linens to match your color theme. You choose the fabric and we will make the linens or table runners for a nominal fee of course.
In addition to providing great food and service, we offer durable and stylish disposables for our events. If you are in need of something more formal, we also have Princess White Rolled Edge Porcelana China Place Settings, Flatware, and Beverages Glasses available.
 Treat Your Guest With A Fresh Shrimp Display
Our buffet serving pieces are anything but ordinary. We have loads of various styles, shapes, and colors to make your buffet table visually appealing. From our fruit palm trees to the melon carved baby carriage, our fruit displays further enhance your occasion. We also offer Carving Stations and  Chilled Shrimp Displays.
Behold The Power Of Cheese

The cost of having an event can vary widely . Below are a few guideline suggestions to help aid in planning and budgeting your event. Prices varies drastically among caterers, so be sure to get estimates from several licensed caterers. (Note, licensed refers to caterers who are licensed through the Department of Health and Environmental Control (also known as DHEC in SC ) to safely prepare food out of an approved facility and not from their home. All states have rules governing the safe handling and preparations of food for public consumptions.

Service Staff

The number and type of servers at your event will depend upon the number of guests and the size of the facility. Most events, especially those with table service require extra staff.. A plated service dinner will typically require one staff per every 15-20 guest. A traditional buffet will need one attendant per every 40-50 guest depending upon menu and location. Does the site you rent provide tables and chairs? Linens? Tents?  Kitchen Facilities?  Is there electricity and running water? Is there a flight or stairs or steps that separate the kitchen from the dinning area? All of these may effect the bottom line cost of your event.

Length of Event 

How long do you expect the service staff to stay? How long will you need to rent your event space? Will the event site charge you more if you go over your time?

Remember when renting your site, to include set-up and clean-up into your time. For a traditional wedding reception, you should expect at least 7-8 hours:

1.5--2 hours set-up

4-5 hours for reception

1 hour for clean-up

What Kind of Bar or Beverages

Will your event have only non alcoholic beverages or a full bar? Will it need to be served? We are offering the bartending information to help you plan and budget your event efficiently. Since UC does not sell alcohol, you have the option of buying it yourself or having a licensed bartender service your event.

Time of Year? Indoor or Outdoor?  Will you need a tent? Heaters? Fans? Lighting? What’s your backup plan for incline weather? The cost of these items vary, yet they are critical for planning an outdoor event.   

Time of Day
The time of day can play a significant role in the type of event you are planning. Your guests will typically expect different types and quantities of food depending on the time of day. We suggest the following as an example: 


High Noon Tea:  2pm - 4pm

Dinner:  5pm - 7pm

Heavy Hors d' oeuvres:  5pm - 8pm

Light Hors d' oeuvres:  8pm +



Types of Event and Menu

The type of event can be the biggest determining factor in price and also vary the widest. Does the event require a substantial service staff such as a plated meal or a few attendants for a light buffet? Is the menu simple or complex? Disposables or China. The following are rough estimates as to what you can reasonably expect various types of menus to cost. Prices varies among caterers.  

Light Hors d' oeuvres  $8-10 per person

Heavy Hors d' ouevres  $10-14 per person

Buffet Style Lunch (Self-Service)  $10-15 per person

Buffet Style Dinner (Self-Service)  $12-18 per person

Plated Lunches and Dinners requires extra wait-staff thus resulting in additional cost.

Cold Box Lunch  $6.95

Hot Box Lunch  $7.95



The above estimates may not include rentals or extra staff required to cater your even; therefore, you should consider the cost of those things as well when planning your budget. 


























































































































































































































































































































































































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